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"For that which is first imagined, later becomes..."

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IMAGINE Mozambique is a capacity building
charitable organisation
working in the region of KaTembe, Mozambique.
IMAGINE work alongside communities to achieve long term social improvement for the people living in the area.
As a capacity building organisation, IMAGINE assists in the realisation of plans, programmes and projects which intend to develop the community.
IMAGINE are guided by the goal to improve
the health, lifestyle and future prospects of those
living in abject poverty or vulnerable circumstances.
IMAGINE programmes are for the benefit of 
children, youth, families, and elderly individuals.
IMAGINE's activities can be categorised into four areas: 

 IMAGINE are active only in Mozambique,
on the South East coast of Africa. 
Mozambique currently ranks in the top 10 poorest countries
in the world (UN HDI) with an estimated 75% of the population
trying to survive on less than $1.25/day.
 IMAGINE are located in the rural region of KaTembe,
where unemployment, poverty, food insecurity and poverty related illnesses are extremely high.